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Obalende Peppersoup Mix $9.99


Beauty from within! 

Get the flavor of authentic Nigerian pepper soup with our pepper soup mix. The spices will wake up your palate and senses!

Pepper soup is served to the ill to assist in the recuperation process. It unclogs the sinus and pores and opens up the airways so more oxygen can be carried to the lungs and blood. It is also served to new mothers to help in ridding the body of excess phlegm which allows the body to snap back faster. Pepper soup is filling, nutritious, and great for weight loss.

Our pepper soup mix can be used by meat lovers, pescatarians, vegetarians, as well as vegans. 

Add Obalende Peppersoup Mix to your beef, chicken, shrimps, or tofu soup for a wholesome meal!

Ginger, Black pepper, Cayenne pepper,  Cloves...


DIRECTIONS (1 serving):
1. Add a tablespoon of Obalende Peppersoup Mix to 3 cups of water.
2. Add salt and bullion powder to taste. You may add cayenne pepper if you want your soup hotter.
3. Add meat and cook until tender.
Enjoy with potatoes, yams, rice, or simply by itself! You may add the potatoes after the meat or cook separate and serve with the soup.

The pack contains three servings.

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