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Que. How should I use the Dr. O's Hair Nourish?

Ans. For best result, massage into scalp immediately after washing your hair. Apply generously to hair shaft. Braid or twist hair, let air dry, then undo twists or braid and comb out. Hair Nourish can also be applied to dry hair between washes. Here at Dr. O, we recommend air dry because heat damages the hair.


Que. The butter arrived melted and seem like i got half a jar. Is it supposed to be like that?

Ans.  We whip our butters for easier application. The process of whipping incorporates air, which makes it fluffy. When the butters are subjected to high temperatures, they melt and the air is expelled – hence the seemingly reduced quantity. However, all the oils and butters are still in the jar – just not fluffy anymore. its non-fluffiness does not affect its efficacy. It still contains the same natural ingredients. We do not use chemicals to stabilize them because it goes against our philosophy. We promised our customers plant-based butters and oils - no chemicals. We intend to keep our promise even when the weather is not being friendly.