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DrOBeauty Hair Nourish 6oz. $19.99


DrOBeauty Nourish is a hair growth formula that restores damaged hair, thickens, and seals in moisture for a healthier looking hair. Ingredients include Coconut oil, Non-THC Hemp Seed oil, Castor oil, Shea butter, Argan oil, Tea Tree oil, Jojoba oil, Peppermint oil. Dr. O’s products are made entirely from plant products. No synthetic preservatives.

Unlike most hair butters, our butters are light on the hair. There are no waxes in our butters, hence no nasty build-ups in your hair. Our hair butter makes your hair easier to manage. Try it and you won't be disappointed.

Our Hair Nourish may help with:

- Dry Itchy Scalp

- Balding

- Post Partum Shedding

- Alopecia

- Receding Hair Line

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